Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Invasions - The Truth You Need To Know

Did you know that you're 8 times more likely to be the victim of a violent home invasion than you are to have your house catch on fire?

A home invasion is when intruders enter your home forcefully.

While a common burglar will break into your home while you're not there in order to escape detection, home invaders are NOT just after your T.V.!

     They're looking for the thrill of violence!

They will be armed... vicious... and once they've forced their way into your home, you can expect the worst!

In fact, it's not uncommon for home invaders to "occupy" a home (sometimes for days) and tie up your family as hostages.

From that point on, your imagination can tell you what brutalities are possible, but a U.S. Dept. of Justice report estimates that 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions!

Preparing for this type of horrific event is about more than just making sure you have an alarm installed in your home.

You have to be prepared to answer questions like...

  *  How should you react if a loved one is taken hostage?

  *  What if you were taken by surprise and handcuffed to a  

  *  How can you set up a "safe room" in your home?

  *  What if you can't get to your firearm (or don't own one)?

  *  What if the police weren't notified and no one knows you've  
      been tied up for days while your family is tormented?

All good questions, right?

Well, I want you to know that I'm working on some very important answers for you that will make you a better protector and allow you to turn the tables on anyone stupid enough to attack you and your family in your own home...

     ..and make THEM the "victims"!

Keep an eye out next week. I'm putting some more information together on this topic and will have a boat load of real tips for you, ok?

Until safe!