Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Self Defense Moves For Women and Girls – Surviving the Unthinkable

Would you know how to survive the unthinkable?

Self Defense Moves For WomenIf you are a woman or have a daughter, wife, sister or mother, you will want them to watch this video.

We would all like to think that nothing will ever happen to us in our daily lives, but the truth of the matter is that the odds are increasingly against you. Especially as women, we are seen as particularly vulnerable and easy targets. The statistics are astounding…1.9 million women assaulted every single year? Those aren’t good odds for any of us. 

Even if you have taken a local “self defense class for women” to feel safer, you likely were taught to ‘be submissive’ and ‘cooperate’. Some classes are even telling women to pee on their attacker or yell at them…and this will magically make the attacker afraid or run away.

Ok, enough bullshit. If you are being attacked or threatened, you need to fight back or you'll be beaten, raped and most likely killed. The male populace that commit such violent crimes are increasingly proficient at killing and getting rid of the body. 

How many stories do we hear on the news about a woman or child who goes missing and after a few days they are no longer trying to find them alive, they are only trying to find the body. Sometimes they NEVER find them at all! Leaving no hope or closure for family and loved ones.

Watch the short video below to get some good advice on women's self protection.

A new book from top self protection expert Tim Larkin called, “Survive the Unthinkable”, is in my opinion, one of the best self defense books for women. He does not speak down to us – he just tells it like it is. (Note: If you are the sensitive, “can’t fight back ‘cause violence is bad” type, then don’t even bother checking this out.)

Survive The Unthinkable - Tim Larkin
“This book has the potential to not only save your life but also to build your confidence and self-assurance. Ladies, the ability to protect yourself does NOT require significant physicality OR extensive training and I'll prove it.

Guys, every woman in your life (wife, mom, daughter, college student, co-worker, friend, etc.) needs a copy of this book. Think about it. The statistics are alarming and you don't want the safety of those you care about most to be at risk.

The strategies we teach are not things that you think about daily but if / when they're needed… they could make all the difference.”
- Tim Larkin

The only downfall in this book that I see is that there are no pictures to speak of. Visuals of target areas and scenarios are always helpful, IMHO. Fortunately, Mr. Larkin has compensated for this, and is now offering a special free 30 minute video training from the Woman’s Breakout Session at a recent live training class to anyone who buys this book.

(To get the free video training and 12 self-protection reports, simply go to Tim Larkin’s website. You will need to enter your email and receipt number to verify your purchase.)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Extreme Survival Weapons VS Self Defense Weapons

Thoughts on choosing the right survival weapons for your needs.

Extreme Survival Weapons
When it comes to surviving violent or chaotic situations your weapons choice is paramount. Because when you or your family’s life is on the line, you don’t want to go half-assed on your weaponry. You need extreme survival weapons to make sure the odds are in your favor as much as possible.

Keep in mind that these extreme survival weapons will be slightly different than your run-of-the-mill self defense weapons. You will have a few other considerations to take into account when choosing the right survival weapon for you and your situation.

For example, even though guns are a must-have, they may not be the best survival weapon. Guns are great, don’t get me wrong, but they have a few intrinsic drawbacks that you need to be aware of. They depend on multiple parts to function (a broken firing pin will render your gun pretty much useless), they also make a very distinctive and noticeable noise when fired. This can draw unwanted attention that can actually put you in MORE danger!

So, something you need to think about is which extreme survival weapon will fit your need to end a confrontation, be reliable (won’t misfire at the worst time possible) and will be more of a “stealth” weapon. There are a few weapons that come to my mind when I take these things into consideration, a knife, a club or a Kubaton.

Of course, you can’t just carry one of these around with you and be instantly protected. You need to invest a little time and energy to learn how to use your weapons effectively. You need to develop muscle memory reflexes. Then you will simply “react” as you should, you won’t have to “think” through the process under pressure.

I'm looking into a resource that teaches extreme survival weapons training from basic “beginner” info to advanced info. If it looks like something that you all could benefit from, I will email all of my subscribers with the information.

No matter what you choose for your personal survival weapon be sure to understand how to use it effectively! Remember, no half-assed crap here…get an extreme survival weapon or stay home.

Till next time. Stay safe.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The #1 Thing Victims Grab In A Bug Out Situation

The number one thing (besides your life) that you need to save in a bug-out disaster...

Recover Family Photos and Memories After A Disaster
Sifting through tornado aftermath
Disasters, both natural and man-made, can have a devastating effect on a family. Flash flooding, tornadoes or fires can happen very quickly and leave everyone feeling disoriented and in shock.

The number one thing that people feel as a crushing “loss” is their family photos and home videos. Memories caught on film - gone forever. Nothing is quite so heart-breaking after a crisis situation.

So, let me ask you this… 

If you could only grab 1 THING from your home before it was destroyed by a flood, tornado, or fire, what would it be? 

Most people that really stop to think about it say "personal photos and home videos".

It makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, most people grab so many personal items that they end up at some FEMA or Red Cross evacuation site, begging for blankets and breakfast bars - desperate... hungry... stressed... and in danger's way!

But you shouldn't have to sacrifice your entire family's recorded history in a crisis, should you? That's why your family photo albums and video tapes are one of the 52 weird items you need to pack in your bug-out bag.

     See the full list of bug-out bag gear here...  

Now I know what you're probably thinking -

     "How in the world would I ever fit my entire ancestral  
     history in a bag with clothes, food, ammo, and my other  
     survival gear?"

Don't worry – I’ve got ya covered… here's what to do...

Buy yourself a few high-capacity flash drive USB memory sticks at your local electronics store (or even the grocery store these days). These mini-storage cards are super tiny and hold a LOT of storage space on them.

Once you have them, either scan your photos and convert your home videos into digital video files and then copy them over onto your portable flash drives.

     (If that sounds too techy for you, there are cheap services  
     out there that do this for very little moolah - you just  
     drop off your box-o-photos and video tapes and they'll do  
     all the transferring for you!)

Keep these flash drives either in a safe water-proof container in your bug-out bag or in an easy-to-snag location at home. Somewhere you won't have to go looking for them. It needs to be grab-and-go ready.

If anything ever happens to your home (like it gets flooded), you won't have to worry about the box of photos you left on the basement floor and you'll have plenty of room in your "go-bag" to store more food and water supplies should you be forced to leave your home.

Stay safe,

P.S. - As you can see, there are lots of these "little things" that most people don't think about when planning their bug-out bag.

In fact, here are 52 little known bug-out survival gear secrets that even most of the "guru's" haven't thought of...

      Click Here For More Survival Bug Out Bag Secrets

Many of these items come from the author's military background of having to live out of a rucksack for days (or weeks) on end, so they've been personally tested under real conditions.

If you don't have a copy of this list, I highly recommend you grab it now - before a disaster happens.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

National Preparedness Month - Is FEMA Here To Help, Or Is This More NSA Trickery?

Seen This?

Have you all seen the .gov's new "preparedness tool kit" promotion for the month of September? This is supposed to be 'National Preparedness Month' and FEMA is "from the government and here to help".

They have set up an entire website that is supposed to give you tips on keeping you, your family and business "safe" during emergencies or disasters. Wait, how'd that go during that little 'ol storm called "Katrina"? Huh, I don't remember that being such a success. Well, not from my point of view anyway, maybe .gov has a different perspective on things, hmm?

FEMA is offering to text you helpful preparedness tips every month via your phone?

Come on guys! What better way to get a list of known preppers than to offer to 'help' them?

I KNOW my readers are smarter than that! There is so much free prepping information available on the internet these days that it would be laughable to hear their so called "tips".

Don't be fooled into giving out any more information than you already have. I know that we are all on a list of one kind or another. Google And The NSA: Who’s Holding The Shit-Bag Now?

Seriously guys, get your information from reliable sources, blogs and websites that you trust. Many of us will gladly share our information with any who need it.

*I've added a few new resources for you to check out over on the sidebar. These guys know their stuff and have their heads in the game to win.

Back with more later.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Best Survival Weapons For Self Defense

Choose The Right Survival Weapon...

Survival Weapons For Self Defense
Protect yourself and your loved ones
As someone interested in protecting yourself and your loved ones, you know that survival weapons can be a subjective topic. There are debates on all sides of the issue as to which is the best weapon to have on hand. For some people it will be handguns, ARs and 50cals, for others it’ll be knives and crossbows. Either way, they each have their purpose and usefulness.

A few quick tips for choosing your survival weapons for self defense emergencies:

1.      Consider your skill level

If you’ve never fired a gun before, buying an AR15 and thinking that ‘it’ll be easy like in the movies’, just won’t cut it. You’ll more than likely end up hurt or hurting someone else, unless you learn how to safely operate it. If you have invested the time and money into building your skills, then go for it!

2.      Consider the weapons purpose

Shotguns, for example, are great for mid-range targets. It can effectively destroy any target within its range, best for you to know EXACTLY what that range is for your specific survival weapon. ARs and AKs will have longer ranges as will 308s and the like. Simply put, know your weapon and its effective useful range and limitations.

3.      Consider your surrounding and environment

When choosing your survival weapons, you need to keep in mind that under certain circumstances you will want a ‘silent’ weapon such as a knife for close combat and perhaps a crossbow for longer range targeting. Even a few of the air soft type guns will have a relatively quiet signature for use in a more rural setting. When you don’t want to draw attention to your whereabouts, silent weaponry is priceless.

Keep in mind that regardless of the weapon you choose or the amount of training you have, if the jack-booted thugs come to take it from you or catch you unprepared, you may have only your mind and body to use as survival weapons!

Self Defense Survival Weapons
Hardware is great. Its fun and we all like to practice with it in different scenarios and when pressed we will use it as deadly force to save our lives. But there are times when even the toughest among us can be forced into a situation where you need to know how to use hand-to-hand combat tactics to get out alive.

In my opinion, you will be best served by having a few different types of weapons, but remember your brain and body will always be your number one survival weapon! Survival skills after all, aren’t only for the gun toting, shotgun slinging, black-scary-rifle owners (ARs) out there, they’re for anyone who wants to live through the coming ruckus.

Consider that your wife or children may encounter a violent situation where the will need to protect themselves sans weapons of any sort. School shootings, home invasions and flash mobs can all happen when you least expect it, leaving you unable to protect your child the way you want to.

Learn to become your own survival weapon, and then teach your entire family how to defend themselves as well. Don’t leave them vulnerable when you can’t be there to protect them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Defeating A Violent Attack Without A Gun

Do you think that because you are small, out of shape or “a little older” that you are more vulnerable to violent attacks?

Home Invasion AttackWell, it’s true that, in a manner of speaking, you present a much softer and easier target in the minds of nearly all criminals. However, being elderly or in less than ideal physical health doesn’t mean that you must remain helpless when faced with a violent attacker.

There are so many people that are adopting the idea that somebody owes them something. They want what they want and they’ll beat the crap out of you to get it if they want to. They have no regard for your life or the lives of your family, they simply don’t care. They want what you have and they think you have no right to keep it from them.

There are courses you can take that are supposed to teach you how to protect yourself, but they generally give you just enough information to get you beaten up or worse. Sadly, these types of courses are popular but don’t teach you anything of real value. As most of us imagined, just yelling, “STOP!” at a rapist, doesn’t stop the rapist at all. We need to stop being afraid to fight back when our lives are on the line.

I’ve enjoyed this free video, it’s by one of the better self defense programs available, but they give you this info for free, which I thought was pretty cool.

For so many of us this involves a change in our mindset. We need to start looking at criminals and their behavior a little differently. Some folk have a difficult time “justifying” the use of violence to save their own life. Some people start quoting scripture against self defense. These are things that everyone will have to deal with in their own minds, but I think it’s a bit irresponsible to completely rely on someone else (police, first responders, etc) to defend your life.

You can’t expect someone else to always be there to protect and save you from the bad people. You need to master the skills to protect yourself, especially in an environment where you don’t have access to a gun or weapon. Besides, many violent attacks happen when you least expect it and you can’t get to your weapon or you don’t have it with you. To think that your gun is the “be-all-end-all” to your self protection is just plain stupid.

What if the dirtbag that wants what you’ve got is bigger, stronger or has huge muscles? Are you just SOL? Do you call 911 and then wait for them to save you? I hope you’re smarter than that! You can defend yourself even if you have a bad hip or are a small framed woman, but you need the right training to do so.

Sometimes size matters, but in the case of your self defense it doesn’t have to be a factor if you know what you’re doing. So, if you are in your golden years, out of shape or just small in stature, do a little research and find the right kind of training that will actually protect you and give you the confidence that you can take care of yourself. I’ve done a little research myself and found a free video that shows some really good techniques. If you want to check it out Just Click Here.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 Secret Hiding Spots For Your EDC Survival Gear

Three Of The Best Hiding Spots You Can Use Right Now

EDC survival gear hiding spots
Planning for emergencies has always been a wise thing to do. Our grandparents were smart enough to plan ahead for far more emergency situations than we can even imagine.

Along with the modern conveniences has come a lack of self reliance. We depend on electricity to always be on, we depend on the phone lines to always be available and some people depend on the police or government to always be there to get them out of trouble.

Those of us who’ve been prepping for some time know all of those things can go down the tubes and fail in an instant. The electricity can go off for days or weeks at a time, the phone lines can get jammed up and be out-of-service, especially in an emergency.

You need to be able to rely on your own wits and the EDC (every day carry) items that you have with you at the time. But, looking like a beefed up Rambo at the grocery store is definitely overkill. So how do you get the most survival gear on your person without wearing a huge backpack or having bulging pockets?

Hiding Your Survival Gear On Your Person

Here are a few simple tips to keeping these essential EDC items on you without being noticeable to everyone around you. In fact, you may even forget that you have them with you. Check out these often forgotten “secret hidden spots”…

1. The Money Belt
These used to be in fashion many years back, but then they became a geeky, nerdy thing. Well, guess what? We don’t really care about the fashion side of the money belt; all we care about is the hidden pocket on the inside. You can use it to stash extra cash, a small knife or any other survival gear that will fit in there.

2. “Coin Pockets”
You know, that little pocket inside the right-hand front pocket in your jeans? Yeah, that one. We can use that for any number of small survival tools. They are easy to get at and the pocket is actually bigger than you might think.

3. 550 Paracord
Replace your shoestrings with 550 paracord. As you probably already know there are a ton of survival uses for paracord. You can choose a color that will accent or blend in with you shoes, if you need too. This is great for your kid’s shoes. Teach them some uses of the paracord as well and they will have a head start on survival gear and training.

These are just a few tips to keep light weight EDC survival gear hidden, yet within easy reach. There are so many other things that you can carry with you inconspicuously to learn more about them click here.

The main goal of your EDC gear should be to survive long enough to get to a safe place. Whether that is back home or to a bug out location, having the right tools that won’t slow you down and can get you there in one piece is ideal.

Remaining covert in your every day life can be the edge that keeps you alive and gets you out of sudden crisis or emergency situations. That's why you should copy this list of 27 survival gadgets, or use it to customize your own personal every day carry items: