Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keep This Weird Survival “Weapon" In Your Bug Out Bag

I know what you’re thinking…

If you were caught up in a “collapse” survival scenario, you’d want to be armed with some serious weaponry, right?

  • Pistol
  • Assault rifle
  • Combat survival knife
  • Machete

All of these will come in handy whether you need to go hunting for food, or defend you and your loved ones from violent hordes of desperate, hungry looters.

But let me share a different kind of “weapon” that’s one of the 250 tactics from the “Survive The Collapse” program I’ve been telling you about…

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You see, the best items to have on hand – especially if you’re forced to bug out and carry your gear – are ones that have multiple purposes.

Weird Survival Weapon For Your BOB

That’s why you should add a FLARE GUN to your survival inventory/arsenal.

A flare gun is a single-shot pistol that fires an extremely hot 12 gauge sized projectile that can travel horizontally to a max of about 150 ft and burn for about 5-7 seconds.

I recommend the Orion brand flare gun and you can pick one up online or at the boating section of a sports store in most states.

Orion 12 Guage Flare Gun
Of course its first use is for signaling when you may need to get the attention of rescue personnel if you’re stranded or trapped.

As A Backup Weapon

But a flare gun can also double as a backup weapon (as weird as that may sound).

Now first thing you should know is that a flare gun is NOT a weapon of mass destruction and NOT a primary defense firearm.

It’s not typically lethal on impact and it doesn’t explode, but…

…it’s hot enough to catch clothes, debris, or fuel on fire (think distraction or destruction)

…waved at a crowd, it can buy you some “back off” time to get to safety

…and if shot, will scare the ever-livin-crap out of everyone who wasn’t expecting to see a burning, hissing, “mini-meteor” coming at them.

If you’re lucky, it will catch something (or someone!) on fire and you can run like hell while a crowd is reeling from the shock (or trying to extinguish the unfortunate soul who didn’t heed your warning).
One more thing…

Flare guns usually come orange in color so that you can easily find it in a boating accident.

If you point a giant orange gun at a person to warn them off, they may think it’s a squirt gun and laugh at you. Or worse yet, not heed your  warning to 'back-off'. That’s NOT the desired effect, right?

**I recommend spray painting the gun with flat black spray paint to give it more of a “gun” appearance and avoid the laughter. It will also help avoid getting noticed until you are ready to use it.


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