Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gang Member vs. MMA Cage Fighter | Win Any Street Fight

Learn To Win Any Street Fight

Do you watch mixed martial arts (MMA) matches like UFC?

2 men locked in an octagon cage - "no holds barred" - kicks, throws, chokeouts...(almost) anything goes!

But let me ask you this question...

Who Would Win in a REAL "street fight"?

An MMA athlete  -OR-  a vicious gang member??


The answer will shock you...


Think about it...

When an MMA fighter is battling his opponent in the "octagon" he never has to worry about "sneak attacks" like:

  *  Knives  
  *  Guns  
  *  Chains  
  *  Baseball bats  
  *  Or "multiple attackers"

And if things get out of hand and "too violent", there's a friendly referee to stop the fight before there's any  
life-threatening trauma.

The bottom line is - the "cage" is NOT the street!

In fact, did you know that the most devastating, fight-ending tactics are considered "illegal" in even the most violent MMA matches?


Why does this matter to you...


Here’s my take…I think EVERY guy needs to know how to fight... period... end of story!

You never know when you're going to come face-to-face with a violent attack, whether it's...

     ...the drunken jerk at the bar

     ...some ticked off a-hole in a fender-bender

     ...the guy you accidentally bumped into at a ball game

     ...or even the violent criminal who's decided that YOU are his next victim

And when you do, you'd damn well better know EXACTLY what to do in those first critical seconds or you could quickly find yourself thrown to the ground...stomped on and bleeding!


How To Ensure Your Survival...


Now that you know just how important being prepared to fight against an attacker in a street fight is, don't go crazy and start taking karate lessons with the 8-year olds at your local martial arts school. That would take much too long, and chances are you would experience similar results to the MMA fighter in our street-fighting example I mentioned earlier.

Today I have the privilege to share with you a FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE way to prepare yourself to win any street fight.

I know I’ve mentioned this program before, but I really do believe that every man out there should know how to protect what’s his from crooks and thugs (no matter what disguise they’re wearing).

This is a step-by-step self defense guide jam-packed with techniques that are considered "illegal" in cage fights. Because they're not intended to "score a point" and "win" a match.

     They're designed for life-or-death SURVIVAL!

The kind of attacks when you have someone you love hiding behind you trembling and YOU are the only thing between them and danger!

You'll see what I mean when you check this out:


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The "Street Fighting Uncaged" program is jam packed with step-by-step instructions and over 100 photos (WARNING: These moves really are brutal and potentially deadly!).

And as a special bonus this week, when you sign up, you'll also get a FREE DVD to go with it!

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You'll see, in full step-by-step detail, how to employ these "illegal" moves in a real fight against a bigger, stronger, more vicious attacker. No "theory"... no fluff... no fancy schmancy complicated moves!

Just 100% hardcore tactics you can bet your life on!

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P.S. - I don't care how prepared you think you are.

You have got to realize that when a brutal attacker comes your way, you can't even flinch for a second! You have to act quickly and decisively or else you're TOAST!

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Be prepared to open up a can of whoop-ass on any dirtbag that tries to attack you and yours.