Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Self Defense Moves For Women and Girls – Surviving the Unthinkable

Would you know how to survive the unthinkable?

Self Defense Moves For WomenIf you are a woman or have a daughter, wife, sister or mother, you will want them to watch this video.

We would all like to think that nothing will ever happen to us in our daily lives, but the truth of the matter is that the odds are increasingly against you. Especially as women, we are seen as particularly vulnerable and easy targets. The statistics are astounding…1.9 million women assaulted every single year? Those aren’t good odds for any of us. 

Even if you have taken a local “self defense class for women” to feel safer, you likely were taught to ‘be submissive’ and ‘cooperate’. Some classes are even telling women to pee on their attacker or yell at them…and this will magically make the attacker afraid or run away.

Ok, enough bullshit. If you are being attacked or threatened, you need to fight back or you'll be beaten, raped and most likely killed. The male populace that commit such violent crimes are increasingly proficient at killing and getting rid of the body. 

How many stories do we hear on the news about a woman or child who goes missing and after a few days they are no longer trying to find them alive, they are only trying to find the body. Sometimes they NEVER find them at all! Leaving no hope or closure for family and loved ones.

Watch the short video below to get some good advice on women's self protection.

A new book from top self protection expert Tim Larkin called, “Survive the Unthinkable”, is in my opinion, one of the best self defense books for women. He does not speak down to us – he just tells it like it is. (Note: If you are the sensitive, “can’t fight back ‘cause violence is bad” type, then don’t even bother checking this out.)

Survive The Unthinkable - Tim Larkin
“This book has the potential to not only save your life but also to build your confidence and self-assurance. Ladies, the ability to protect yourself does NOT require significant physicality OR extensive training and I'll prove it.

Guys, every woman in your life (wife, mom, daughter, college student, co-worker, friend, etc.) needs a copy of this book. Think about it. The statistics are alarming and you don't want the safety of those you care about most to be at risk.

The strategies we teach are not things that you think about daily but if / when they're needed… they could make all the difference.”
- Tim Larkin

The only downfall in this book that I see is that there are no pictures to speak of. Visuals of target areas and scenarios are always helpful, IMHO. Fortunately, Mr. Larkin has compensated for this, and is now offering a special free 30 minute video training from the Woman’s Breakout Session at a recent live training class to anyone who buys this book.

(To get the free video training and 12 self-protection reports, simply go to Tim Larkin’s website. You will need to enter your email and receipt number to verify your purchase.)