Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Batman Movie Massacre 2012

Colorado Batman Movie Massacre 2012
As I’m sure you know by now, there was a tragic shooting in an Aurora, CO movie theater last night at the premier of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" that left a dozen people dead and about 59 others (including children) wounded.

We’ve been talking this week about being prepared for social collapse and flash mob violence, but this is another painful example of why we ALL need to be prepared to defend ourselves in any and all situations.

James Holmes, the suspected gunman in the theater shooting, reportedly hurled a gas canister into the auditorium as he entered, disorienting moviegoers before he opened fire. Some of the victims were later treated for the effects of tear gas.

No one expected this. Many were caught unprepared. It’s frustrating and saddening at the same time for me, because I try to help people become more prepared ALL THE TIME!

When tragedies like this happen and I see the victims (and their families) suffering, I feel even more strongly about helping you to be prepared for any violent event that can engulf you and your family in a instant.

These life changing events often force you to make split second decisions that might mean the difference between life and death.

This week I’ve been talking about the “Survive The Collapse” that includes 250 survival secrets that you can easily learn and implement in any fast moving situation. I’ve even shared a few on these tips with you, like the “How to Make a Gas Mask” post.

This single tip alone may have helped to save a life or prevented injuries from this psychopathic piece of sh*t.

This isn’t about making a buck with me. Family means everything to me, and guys like this just piss me off. But, I refuse to walk around like there is nothing I can do to defend myself.

I’m not willing to lose my life or someone in my family just because I thought it wouldn’t happen in my neighborhood…at my kid’s school…at my local movie theater.

These nut jobs are on nearly every street in America. Small towns aren’t even immune. This is about getting people to open their eyes and see that you can do something to prepare for hellish situations like this, BEFORE they happen.

YOU CAN prepare to defend yourself and your family.

YOU CAN do SOMETHING to lower your chances of becoming a VICTIM!

The 250 Collapse Survival Secrets are some of the best tips and tactics from over 5000 protection minded people.

When it comes to flash mob riots, violent thugs, looters, and active shooters – you need the best information you can get.

And they are giving away the “How To Survive A Flash Mob Riot” for free…so you get both for less than a fast food burger meal deal. For crying out loud, it’s only 7 bucks!

Are you really gonna tell me that you can justify spending $20 or more going to the movies, but you can’t justify spending $7 to learn 250 survival techniques that could save someone’s life???

Look, do what you like, but I’m just getting sick and tired of good people and innocent children getting killed because some dirtbag punk goes psycho and no one has a plan to save themselves or their kids.

Me and mine send our prayers to the victims and families of those whose lives were shattered in Aurora.