Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Defense Tactics You Must Know - How to Defeat an ARMED Home Invader

#1 Home Defense Tactic...Handgun Disarm Secrets You Need to Know

You need to have your Home Defense Tactics all squared away BEFORE a home invasion occurs.

Why? Because home invaders are particularly sadistic, bloodthirsty predators. They are not your average criminal on the street. They are worse, much worse.

Once they get inside your home, they feed on the power of controlling and torturing you and your family - sometimes for days. I say "they", because they tend to dispense their particular form of brutality by teaming up with one or more like-minded criminals.

Making your job as "defender of your family and home" that much more difficult. (And I'm not referring to men versus women here...I know for a fact that women are just as capable of defending family and home as well as any man alive. Ever met a mama grizzly? Nuff said.)

To gain entry to you home, you can count on these 3 things...

     They're going to be sneaky...

     They're going to be violent...

     And they're going to be ARMED!

Home Invasion HostageMaybe you believe that your home defense weapon will keep you safe. Unfortunately, the truth is that with the element of surprise on the side of these "low-lifes", and the violent nature of their home invasion, your odds of even getting to your gun are slim to none. Let me say it again... the plain and simple truth is, odds are NOT in your favor during a home invasion.

The more likely scenario, is that YOU will be attacked with a firearm... leading to you being beaten and eventually tied up or handcuffed - leaving you powerless to defend those you love! When you've literally got a gun to your head and your family's life on the line... you have only a split second to act!

Now, you could try to quickly pull off some Israeli martial arts move to disarm your attacker. And that might work... if you're skilled, practiced, and can overcome the adrenaline rush.

Handgun Disarm Secrets
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