Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BEWARE of The Newest Home Invasion Attack Trick!

Home Invasion Torture
Home invasion damage

Violent criminals are using new tricks to gain entry in Home Invasions!

 I use a special online notification system that keeps me informed of home invasion news stories around the country.

I do this so I can keep up-to-date on the latest tricks and tactics that these punk-ass criminals are using to gain entry to a family's home and terrorize and torture them.

I also want to be able to pass this information on to you, so that you are more prepared to defend yourself against a home invasion.

I have been noticing a few new trends as of late, and it appears that home invaders have a new "attack trick" up their sleeve.

They are starting to conduct what could be called "tactical ambushes". They are using STROBE LIGHTS as they break into your home, to shock and disorient you.

If you've ever been on a dance floor (or inside a "fun house" at the local fair) you know that the rapidly blinking strobe lights make movement choppy and "weird".

In other words, your eyes and brain can't process fluid movement due to the rapid change between light and dark. In fact, strobe lights are so traumatizing to the brain that prolonged exposure can cause nausea and even seizures.

Home Invasion Attacks
Home invasion strobe light tactics

Home invaders have discovered that by ambushing you in your home at night with a strobe light, they can essentially "shut down" your brain.

Their belief is that they will then be able to attack you without you being able to fight back. Do not blow this off! Strobe lights can be far more disorienting than you may think.

So, you say you'll just shoot 'em. Or shoot out their light. Consider this, even if you have a gun, the strobe light effect makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to hit your target.

Home Invasion Hostage
Do not become a victim!
With the element of surprise on their side, strobe lights make it easier for your attackers to overwhelm you when you least expect it (for example, when you're sleeping)... beat you... tie you up... and take control.

From that point on, they can do whatever their sick twisted little minds come up with. Definitely not the position you want yourself or your family in!

But here's the important thing to remember...
You need to understand that this tactic is being used while you're IN your home. That's how these home invaders operate.

As we've talked about before, they are NOT your typical burglar and it's NOT just about your money or your possessions. These sadistic predatory sons-of-bitches get a real thrill out of ambushing, controlling and torturing you and your family.

Actually, it is not uncommon for home invaders to occupy your home for DAYS while you and your loved ones lay tied up in a closet or basement, many times in separate rooms.

Home Invasion Torture Chamber
Just imagine having your spouse and/or children separated from you for days - tied up in another room suffering unspeakable torture - with you helpless to protect them?

These things are very difficult to think about, but it's absolutely crucial that you plan for this NOW!

You need to to be ready to make split second life or death decisions AND be able to take the correct actions to make sure this doesn't happen to you and those you love. (Or, so that you can safely protect your family if these jackals ever do decide to try and take over your home.)

    Quick Tip: Remember that turn about is fair play... you can use a strobe light to disorient and unnerve potential attackers as well. (Be sure to learn the proper way to use it to your advantage.)

FYI: This is exact reason why the guys over at the ISCQC developed the ultimate guide on how to survive a home invasion. The Home Defense Tactics manual and CD combo was designed to show you the most brutally effective, sneaky, rotten tricks YOU need to know to defeat any home invader - even when you're surprised, ambushed, and unarmed!

There are some things in life that are worth taking risks for...however, I happen to believe that risking the safety and lives of me and mine is NOT one of them.

Is it worth the risk for you? Educate yourself and be smarter than they think you are!