Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bulletproof Legal Defense – How To Legally Shoot to Defend Yourself For $1

Do you know without a doubt that you'll have a Bullet Proof Defense if the following scenario ever happens to you?

Home Invasion Worst Nightmare -
Odds are increasing that this could be your worst nightmare…

Some crack-head busts into your home in the middle of the night to terrorize your family and ransack your house looking to score some cash for a quick fix.

  •      Your firearm is within reach…  
  •      Your skills are razor-sharp…  
  •      You shoot…  
  •      You end the threat…  
  •      Your family is safe…

But instead of comforting your spouse and kids while the jackass punk gets hauled away to the hospital (or morgue)…

     YOU find yourself in handcuffs getting hauled off to jail!

Think it can't happen?

Think again!  It happens all the time to people just like you and me. You're gonna need some Bullet Proof Legal Defense to save your ass!

Here’s the deal, the sad truth is this…

The current legal system we live under is NOT about "justice"...

or your personal security, or property rights.

And most of the time it’s not even about the law - plain and simple. The laws currently on the books (and being proposed) are very rarely about justice. (But that’s a whole ‘nother post though.)

If you make one "wrong" move - one "wrong" decision in firing (or even just showing) your weapon - then you can be held liable for the welfare of your attacker. (WTF, right?!?)

Wrong moves that might cost you BIG TIME…

  •      Maybe you used the "wrong" gun to defend yourself  
  •      Maybe you have the "wrong" ammo loaded  
  •      Maybe you shot when you weren't "legally" allowed to  
  •      You said the "wrong" things to the cops  
  •      You said the "wrong" things to the jury in court
Bullet Proof Defense was created to educate you on how to navigate the legal system should you ever need to fire or weapon in self defense. But, I have to say I totally agree with Jeff, the time to educate yourself is BEFORE you ever have to face something like this.

3 shocking things I learned...

  • Why 99% of all Defense Attorneys are wrong, wrong, WRONG about what you should tell the police when they show up to the scene of the shooting! (Warning: This is perhaps the most important lesson of this DVD and failing to follow their advice sent one father to prison for manslaughter for 9 years!)
  •  The District Attorney’s sneakiest trick to make it illegal for you to ever own a firearm again! (Few gun owners ever see this coming and are suddenly forced to give up their 2nd Amendment rights!)
  •  50% of your fate lies in this one single factor in the court room. Screw this up and your chances of going home just started circling the drain!
And that's just three, there are tons more just like that on this DVD.

As a matter of fact, you may think you are 100% prepared to defend yourself with a firearm (I did), but in reality, you may actually be playing right into an attorney's hands with what you "think" you know right now.

What started out as "self defense" could end in you going to prison - possibly for the rest of your life - for the "crime" of defending your loved ones in your own home!

Too many good red-blooded, stand your ground Americans are ending up in jail simply because they tried to (or succeeded in) defending themselves and their homes. That's why I felt it was important to share this with you now…

As you may know, a good friend of mine is the President of a "combatives association" that's focused on not only helping law-abiding citizens acquire the tactical skills needed to survive any attack…

…but also how to LEGALLY protect your innocence should you be forced to defend yourself and those you love with (or even without) a firearm!

His group just released a new DVD called "Bulletproof Defense" that reveals exactly what you need to know BEFORE you are faced with a shoot-don't shoot decision.

This DVD literally "programs" you with the knowledge you need to not only know when you can legally protect yourself, but also the exact steps you need to take NOW (not at the time of an incident) to avoid arrest AND boost your argument in court should your life hang in the balance of a jury's decision.

And perhaps best of all… the DVD is only $1 (plus s&h)!

And this week only, in celebration of the video release, you can choose the bonus program called "Advanced Stopping Power Secrets" - a $27 value, absolutely free!

Trust me on this, you do NOT want to be looking into the eyes of an attacker OR a jury without first watching this DVD and reading this special "stopping power" program.

In fact, this DVD may even be a useful tool to your attorney as proof of your innocence based upon what is known as the "Reasonable Man Theory".

     You can read more about this principal and why it's so important to your defense here:

**Attention CCW Holders** YOU are even more at risk of being found guilty than the Average Joe! My friend Jeff will explain why you need to be extra careful.

So go ahead and check out what's covered on this DVD now and make this $1 investment in your personal freedom to defend yourself and those you love without fear of going to prison for doing so.

P.S. - The reality that most people never "get" is that the very moment you lay a finger on your firearm in personal defense, your life is going to change forever.

I don't know about you but I'm not willing to put all my trust in my defense attorney.

No matter how the judgment is made, HE will be going home to his wife and kids while YOURS head home without you as you step on a bus to prison to meet your new cellmate!

So tell me, isn't it worth a measly $1 DVD to help protect yourself from this devastating scenario?

Take action now!