Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In A Riot, It's a Total "Us vs. Them" Mentality – Learn How To Survive

A Simple Trick VS "Zombie Hordes"...

It's a running joke in zombie movies...

A live person sees the zombies coming and begins to shuffle around, acting as the zombies do.

Pretty soon, the monsters ignore them, and they can go about their way in peace.

     The same is true of angry, rioting crowds during a disaster or societal "collapse".

You see, as conditions of a crisis worsen, stomachs start growling and tempers begin to flare.

As a result, once law-abiding citizens can be instantly transformed into hunger-fueled "zombies", resorting to violence, looting, and anarchy to survive or simply to lash out in frustration.

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The fact is, NO ONE is immune to this level of violence in a crisis!

At any moment, you could be swept up into an outburst of anarchy before you even have time to avoid it.

     It could be at a food distribution point... a military checkpoint during evacuation... or even during a protest or demonstration.

If you do find yourself instantly surrounded by a horde of angry "zombies", the last thing you want to do is stand out as "different".

You see, in a riot, it's a total "Us vs. Them" mentality.

If you're seen as an outsider, then it's likely you'll be targeted as a victim.

Instead, blend in with them!

     Yell along with the crowd...

     Grab a protest sign off of the ground...

     Walk in an "angry" manner rather than "scared"...

     Violently shake a stop sign...

     Whatever you see others doing!

If a crowd of "zombies" think you're one of them, they're less likely to notice you and you can quietly slip away to safety at the right moment.

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Watch your back,

P.S. - Sure, we'd all like to think that during a disaster, our fellow citizens will all work together to help one another, right?

Unfortunately, history has shown us that during times of civil disorder...

...your fellow man is at his WORST!

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