Thursday, October 4, 2012

BulletProof Legal Defense DVD Only $1 - Stand Your Ground Without Going To Jail

Cover your ass with a Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD. Come on, spend the buck (plus s&h). Just watching this DVD will boost your legal defense in court.

Here's a question for ya...

Do you remember Thomas Junta?

Back in 2000, Thomas Junta who was 42 y.o. at the time, took his 11 y.o. son to hockey practice. The coach wasn't controlling the rough play on the ice and when Junta saw his young son get elbowed in the face, he yelled at the coach to calm the kids down.

The coach copped an attitude.

     "That's hockey!" the coach growled back.

Infuriated, Junta left the rink to regain his composure. A short time later he came back in to gather up his son and his friends to take them home. When he did, the coach reportedly physically attacked him, even though Junta far outweighed him.

Junta defended himself and punched the coach 3 times in "self-defense".

     One of those blows killed the coach - right there in front of all the kids and witnesses.

Even though Junta wasn't the instigator of the fight and was arguably defending himself after being attacked first, he was later found GUILTY of manslaughter by a jury in court.

Just imagine... one day you're cheering your son on at his hockey practice and then the next day, you're locked up behind bars, facing the very real possibility of never being able to watch him play on the ice again! Think about all YOU have to lose in your life if you were ever pulled away from your family and sentenced to prison.

     All it takes is ONE "WRONG MOVE" on your part!

In Junta's case, even though he was defending himself, it was the FIRST WORDS out of his mouth to the police when they showed up that sank his legal defense. He tried to convince the cops that it was a "fair fight" and that he wasn't afraid of the coach - and the coach wasn't afraid of him.

Wrong answer!

While some people will tell you "not to say a single word" so you don't incriminate yourself, this is actually NOT the best advice.

     Instead, what you should say is, "I was afraid for my life!"

Then point out (briefly!) exactly what made you feel that way... and then shut up! That is just the beginning of what you need to know about how to deal with the police when you're forced to defend yourself (with or without a weapon). If you get ANY of these recommended actions wrong, it can hurt you in court if you're put on trial.

You should know HOW to defend your loved ones in an attack...

... but you also need to know how to do it LEGALLY so you don't end up like Junta and find yourself ripped away - behind bars - from those you fought to protect in the first place.

Remember - The Bulletproof Defense DVD is only $1 + s&h this week!

FYI - This coming Saturday (Oct. 6th, 2012) this video (worth $27) will go up in price and let's face it, it's hard to beat a buck, right?

The information in this disc is what I would call "crucial information" for most people's tactical training. All the sharp-shooter, tactical weaponry, self defense, street fighting moves you learn won't save your ass from the slammer. You've spent the time and money honing your skills, don't let it all be for nothing. You can't protect your family when you're in jail!

Even if you think you're already bullet proof in the "shoot - don't shoot" decision department, I can promise you that you're wrong on at least one (or three!) critical elements that could land you in prison. Don't take that chance!