Friday, October 26, 2012

Shoot To Survive: Tactical Fiream Secrets and ArmorQuick Body Armor Giveaway

Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD
Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD
Hopefully you've had the chance this week to grab your Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD and get your secret link to the upcoming free live broadcast, called:

     "Shoot To Survive: Tactical Firearm Secrets"

Jeff is going to be discussing some of the most cutting edge tactics with author and firearms expert, David Morris, but remember...

... YOU can submit your own tactical tips!

In fact, there has already been a ton of great tips posted that I've never heard before.

I know originally I told you that they were going to be giving away a single set of ArmorQuick Body Armor (FREE) to one lucky contributor during the call.

Well I've got some really good news for you! They've changed their minds. They've been getting so many incredible secrets in that they've decided to give away 3 SETS of body armor!

That increases your chances of getting your set dramatically, but remember, this call-in show is ONLY available to those of you who sign up for your copy of Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD here.

Once you're sign up, you'll get an email back with the "secret access link" over to the broadcast page where you can submit any tactical tip you like, such as:

  •   Your best home defense strategy 
  •   A great concealed carry tactic 
  •   One of your best "cheap training" tips 
  •   A  personal combat shooting secret you've been guarding 
  •   Or anything "tactical" that shows off your smarts! ;-)

Seriously though... even ONE of your tips could save someone's life! And with the criminals exchanging their own "best tactics" for making more of us victims, this is our chance to band together to help our fellow armed-citizens with the strategies we need to protect ourselves and those we love.

So, grab your DVD here... look for the email with your secret access link to next week's broadcast... and begin submitting your own tactical tips now for the call so you can enter for the ArmorQuick Body Armor giveaway. You don't even need to be on the call to win one of the 3 sets of body armor... but you DO have to submit a tip to be eligible.

(You can attend from anywhere in the world and you'll also get a copy of the recorded call if you can't make it live.)

This isn't just about the broadcast and the body armor giveaway. I strongly feel that the "Bullet Proof Legal Defense" DVD is badly needed.

Don't take that chance!

Get prepared and claim your DVD now at the official website here >>