Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home Invasion Video - Do NOT Do THIS! Bulletproof Defense Reloaded

It's amazing how many gun-owners get this wrong...

And honestly, it's downright dangerous how many gun courses fail to properly prepare legally armed citizens in how to be...


"responsible" with a firearm.

Check out this video of a recent news story of a mother and daughter who were hailed on local TV as "heroes" by how they captured a home invader with their handgun.

                            Click Here For Video

What the news doesn't report (because they don't know) is that if this intruder had actually been shot...

     ...this mother and daughter would go to prison!

Watch the video to see why and leave your own thoughts in the comments section. **Very important, I'll explain below.**

Watch your back.

P.S. - Yes, you need the right gun, ammo, and tactics - but you also need to know how to responsibly make a "shoot-don't shoot" decision that doesn't land you in prison yourself.

That's why I highly recommend you claim your copy of the "Bulletproof Defense" DVD from my friends at the ISCQC.

     "Bulletproof" your tactics!

This DVD covers the "missing link" most gun owners don't know about how to legally protect yourself and your loved ones.

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