Tuesday, November 13, 2012

27 Extreme Bug Out Bag Items You Never Thought Of - Hurricane Sandy Evacuation Mistakes

Extreme Bug Out Bags are essential to your survival when disaster strikes.

Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage
The recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call. With widespread power outages and massive flooding destroying homes and leaving others without food, water, and electricity for nearly two weeks so far.

Unfortunately, many people in the path of this storm didn't heed the evacuation warning. Sadly, they paid the ultimate price with over 100 now reported dead...

> Toddlers were ripped out of a mother's arms and carried off in the flood waters.

> A teen son stayed to help his father in a basement that within seconds was filled with water - both drowned.

> Parents were crushed in their car by a falling tree, leaving 2 children in the back seat orphaned.

Look, when a disaster is coming your way, there's a time to stay... and a time to leave. You and I both know that disaster can strike at any minute and you and your family could be forced to leave your home and "bug out" to a safe refuge.

But 99.9% of people are just NOT prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice.

Is that YOU? Do you have a plan? Could you have left your home on short notice and safely reached you "safe harbor"? So many people can not and are not prepared to do that.

That's why this week, we'll be looking at "bugging out" so you can prepare NOW for a time when you and your loved ones may be forced to "Get Out Of Dodge".

Starting with this...

     You MUST have a "bug-out bag" ready at all times!

This is the #1 rule of preparedness when you're forced to evacuate. A bug-out bag (B.O.B. for short) is your go-to survival kit you can easily grab and go, with all of the essential items you need to get to your next destination. At a minimum, you should plan for 72 hours - but it could be longer depending upon the crisis.

The million dollar question everyone asks is...

     "What should I put in my bug out bag?"

This is probably the most talked about topic in prepper circles and if you're like most people, here's what you do...

  *  Buy an "Army bag"  
  *  Google "bug out bag contents"  
  *  Copy the list - hit the sporting goods store - pack up and...

     Ta - Dahhhhhhhh!   "Instant bug out bag", right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Sure, there are tons of lists scattered across the internet about what to put in a B.O.B. - but most of these lists are pure crap.

Why? Well, remember... what you pack, you must also CARRY! Most lists are filled with too many unnecessary items and quite frankly, the WRONG items at that.

     Here's the best list for how to build a bug-out bag: How To Build A Bug Out Bag The Right Way

It's called "Extreme Bug-Out-Bags" and the author of this in-depth guide is a former combat light-infantry soldier who practically lived in the woods. He mastered the "travel light" mentality through boots-on-the-ground experience in what it really takes to go without provisions for days on end.

Who will benefit from this guide:

  *  The "Average Joe/Jane" who's starting from scratch and wants  
     a step-by-step blueprint for creating a bug-out bag the right way from the start.

  *  The "enthusiast" who isn't planning on the planet splitting  
     in half in December 2012, but realizes that events like Hurricane Sandy are a wake-up
     call to stop procrastinating and start protecting your loved ones in case of evacuation.

  *  The "expert prepper" who just can't stand not knowing what  
     you're missing in your current survival bag.

(Hint:  While the "basics" are covered inside, you'll discover 27 bug-out items you NEVER thought of that you can add to your own B.O.B. right away.  I promise you'll raise an "ah-ha!" eyebrow several times reading through this guide no matter how experienced you are.)

Extreme Bug Out Bags - 27 Bug Out Secrets
Even if you think you've got it all figured out, you're still missing this vital information.

CLICK THIS LINK NOW to see all that's covered and how to get your copy.

I'll be sharing more "bug out tips" this week with some really great information you can put to use right away, so stay tuned!