Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Best Survival Weapons For Self Defense

Choose The Right Survival Weapon...

Survival Weapons For Self Defense
Protect yourself and your loved ones
As someone interested in protecting yourself and your loved ones, you know that survival weapons can be a subjective topic. There are debates on all sides of the issue as to which is the best weapon to have on hand. For some people it will be handguns, ARs and 50cals, for others it’ll be knives and crossbows. Either way, they each have their purpose and usefulness.

A few quick tips for choosing your survival weapons for self defense emergencies:

1.      Consider your skill level

If you’ve never fired a gun before, buying an AR15 and thinking that ‘it’ll be easy like in the movies’, just won’t cut it. You’ll more than likely end up hurt or hurting someone else, unless you learn how to safely operate it. If you have invested the time and money into building your skills, then go for it!

2.      Consider the weapons purpose

Shotguns, for example, are great for mid-range targets. It can effectively destroy any target within its range, best for you to know EXACTLY what that range is for your specific survival weapon. ARs and AKs will have longer ranges as will 308s and the like. Simply put, know your weapon and its effective useful range and limitations.

3.      Consider your surrounding and environment

When choosing your survival weapons, you need to keep in mind that under certain circumstances you will want a ‘silent’ weapon such as a knife for close combat and perhaps a crossbow for longer range targeting. Even a few of the air soft type guns will have a relatively quiet signature for use in a more rural setting. When you don’t want to draw attention to your whereabouts, silent weaponry is priceless.

Keep in mind that regardless of the weapon you choose or the amount of training you have, if the jack-booted thugs come to take it from you or catch you unprepared, you may have only your mind and body to use as survival weapons!

Self Defense Survival Weapons
Hardware is great. Its fun and we all like to practice with it in different scenarios and when pressed we will use it as deadly force to save our lives. But there are times when even the toughest among us can be forced into a situation where you need to know how to use hand-to-hand combat tactics to get out alive.

In my opinion, you will be best served by having a few different types of weapons, but remember your brain and body will always be your number one survival weapon! Survival skills after all, aren’t only for the gun toting, shotgun slinging, black-scary-rifle owners (ARs) out there, they’re for anyone who wants to live through the coming ruckus.

Consider that your wife or children may encounter a violent situation where the will need to protect themselves sans weapons of any sort. School shootings, home invasions and flash mobs can all happen when you least expect it, leaving you unable to protect your child the way you want to.

Learn to become your own survival weapon, and then teach your entire family how to defend themselves as well. Don’t leave them vulnerable when you can’t be there to protect them.