Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Defeating A Violent Attack Without A Gun

Do you think that because you are small, out of shape or “a little older” that you are more vulnerable to violent attacks?

Home Invasion AttackWell, it’s true that, in a manner of speaking, you present a much softer and easier target in the minds of nearly all criminals. However, being elderly or in less than ideal physical health doesn’t mean that you must remain helpless when faced with a violent attacker.

There are so many people that are adopting the idea that somebody owes them something. They want what they want and they’ll beat the crap out of you to get it if they want to. They have no regard for your life or the lives of your family, they simply don’t care. They want what you have and they think you have no right to keep it from them.

There are courses you can take that are supposed to teach you how to protect yourself, but they generally give you just enough information to get you beaten up or worse. Sadly, these types of courses are popular but don’t teach you anything of real value. As most of us imagined, just yelling, “STOP!” at a rapist, doesn’t stop the rapist at all. We need to stop being afraid to fight back when our lives are on the line.

I’ve enjoyed this free video, it’s by one of the better self defense programs available, but they give you this info for free, which I thought was pretty cool.

For so many of us this involves a change in our mindset. We need to start looking at criminals and their behavior a little differently. Some folk have a difficult time “justifying” the use of violence to save their own life. Some people start quoting scripture against self defense. These are things that everyone will have to deal with in their own minds, but I think it’s a bit irresponsible to completely rely on someone else (police, first responders, etc) to defend your life.

You can’t expect someone else to always be there to protect and save you from the bad people. You need to master the skills to protect yourself, especially in an environment where you don’t have access to a gun or weapon. Besides, many violent attacks happen when you least expect it and you can’t get to your weapon or you don’t have it with you. To think that your gun is the “be-all-end-all” to your self protection is just plain stupid.

What if the dirtbag that wants what you’ve got is bigger, stronger or has huge muscles? Are you just SOL? Do you call 911 and then wait for them to save you? I hope you’re smarter than that! You can defend yourself even if you have a bad hip or are a small framed woman, but you need the right training to do so.

Sometimes size matters, but in the case of your self defense it doesn’t have to be a factor if you know what you’re doing. So, if you are in your golden years, out of shape or just small in stature, do a little research and find the right kind of training that will actually protect you and give you the confidence that you can take care of yourself. I’ve done a little research myself and found a free video that shows some really good techniques. If you want to check it out Just Click Here.