Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 Secret Hiding Spots For Your EDC Survival Gear

Three Of The Best Hiding Spots You Can Use Right Now

EDC survival gear hiding spots
Planning for emergencies has always been a wise thing to do. Our grandparents were smart enough to plan ahead for far more emergency situations than we can even imagine.

Along with the modern conveniences has come a lack of self reliance. We depend on electricity to always be on, we depend on the phone lines to always be available and some people depend on the police or government to always be there to get them out of trouble.

Those of us who’ve been prepping for some time know all of those things can go down the tubes and fail in an instant. The electricity can go off for days or weeks at a time, the phone lines can get jammed up and be out-of-service, especially in an emergency.

You need to be able to rely on your own wits and the EDC (every day carry) items that you have with you at the time. But, looking like a beefed up Rambo at the grocery store is definitely overkill. So how do you get the most survival gear on your person without wearing a huge backpack or having bulging pockets?

Hiding Your Survival Gear On Your Person

Here are a few simple tips to keeping these essential EDC items on you without being noticeable to everyone around you. In fact, you may even forget that you have them with you. Check out these often forgotten “secret hidden spots”…

1. The Money Belt
These used to be in fashion many years back, but then they became a geeky, nerdy thing. Well, guess what? We don’t really care about the fashion side of the money belt; all we care about is the hidden pocket on the inside. You can use it to stash extra cash, a small knife or any other survival gear that will fit in there.

2. “Coin Pockets”
You know, that little pocket inside the right-hand front pocket in your jeans? Yeah, that one. We can use that for any number of small survival tools. They are easy to get at and the pocket is actually bigger than you might think.

3. 550 Paracord
Replace your shoestrings with 550 paracord. As you probably already know there are a ton of survival uses for paracord. You can choose a color that will accent or blend in with you shoes, if you need too. This is great for your kid’s shoes. Teach them some uses of the paracord as well and they will have a head start on survival gear and training.

These are just a few tips to keep light weight EDC survival gear hidden, yet within easy reach. There are so many other things that you can carry with you inconspicuously to learn more about them click here.

The main goal of your EDC gear should be to survive long enough to get to a safe place. Whether that is back home or to a bug out location, having the right tools that won’t slow you down and can get you there in one piece is ideal.

Remaining covert in your every day life can be the edge that keeps you alive and gets you out of sudden crisis or emergency situations. That's why you should copy this list of 27 survival gadgets, or use it to customize your own personal every day carry items: