Monday, May 21, 2012

The 3 Deadliest Cities In The US

"Survival" isn't just something you think about in nuclear war and natural disasters.

In fact according to Newsmax,
ABC, Popular Science, and CNN, danger lies in wait in some popular cities you should pay close attention to if you travel or live in these areas

Here are the top 3 deadliest cities in the US....   

#3 - Oakland, California  

About 53,000 Oakland residents were hit by violent crime in 2010.

The nearby
San Andreas fault slipped in 1989, causing a 6.9 quake that collapsed highways, buildings, and killed 60.

Hayward fault, runs directly underneath the city.

Because its last four big quakes were in the late 1800s...

Scientists are on the lookout for the next big one.

And it's more likely all the time.

A quake here could affect more than 5 million people directly. Another 2.4 million if the water is cut off.

#2 -
Los Angeles, California  

Factor in the same earthquake threats from
Oakland (see above).

During the LA riots it took 4,000 soldiers and Marines to restore peace.

Rioters looted and attacked vehicles, even dragging people from their vehicles and beating them.

With 4 million in the city and 10 million in the surrounding county, you can bet that any trouble here will be serious.

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#1 Deadliest City in America -
St. Louis, Missouri  

According to research firm Morgan Quitno,
St. Louis has the highest rate of violent crime of any large US city.

We're talking murder, rape, and assault.

Popular Science adds that
St. Louis has a higher-than-normal chance of natural disasters.


A. Earthquake Risk:

A fault line sits nearby that could cause earthquakes and flooding.

B. Flood Risk:

A 500-year flood along the Mississippi would give a repeat performance of Katrina in New Orleans.

C. Tornado Threats: 

In 1956 Missouri saw 42 tornadoes, killing 56 people.

The last 20 years in Missouri averaged 30 tornadoes a year. Almost a billion dollars in damage.

Now put that together with the major oil and gas pipelines in the city and you got problems.

Add 22 million pounds of toxins spewing in the air in 2009 alone.

You got real problems.

All these dangers in one place make
St. Louis America's deadliest city.

Just sayin'...