Tuesday, September 10, 2013

National Preparedness Month - Is FEMA Here To Help, Or Is This More NSA Trickery?

Seen This?

Have you all seen the .gov's new "preparedness tool kit" promotion for the month of September? This is supposed to be 'National Preparedness Month' and FEMA is "from the government and here to help".

They have set up an entire website that is supposed to give you tips on keeping you, your family and business "safe" during emergencies or disasters. Wait, how'd that go during that little 'ol storm called "Katrina"? Huh, I don't remember that being such a success. Well, not from my point of view anyway, maybe .gov has a different perspective on things, hmm?

FEMA is offering to text you helpful preparedness tips every month via your phone?

Come on guys! What better way to get a list of known preppers than to offer to 'help' them?

I KNOW my readers are smarter than that! There is so much free prepping information available on the internet these days that it would be laughable to hear their so called "tips".

Don't be fooled into giving out any more information than you already have. I know that we are all on a list of one kind or another. Google And The NSA: Who’s Holding The Shit-Bag Now?

Seriously guys, get your information from reliable sources, blogs and websites that you trust. Many of us will gladly share our information with any who need it.

*I've added a few new resources for you to check out over on the sidebar. These guys know their stuff and have their heads in the game to win.

Back with more later.