Friday, November 15, 2013

The #1 Thing Victims Grab In A Bug Out Situation

The number one thing (besides your life) that you need to save in a bug-out disaster...

Recover Family Photos and Memories After A Disaster
Sifting through tornado aftermath
Disasters, both natural and man-made, can have a devastating effect on a family. Flash flooding, tornadoes or fires can happen very quickly and leave everyone feeling disoriented and in shock.

The number one thing that people feel as a crushing “loss” is their family photos and home videos. Memories caught on film - gone forever. Nothing is quite so heart-breaking after a crisis situation.

So, let me ask you this… 

If you could only grab 1 THING from your home before it was destroyed by a flood, tornado, or fire, what would it be? 

Most people that really stop to think about it say "personal photos and home videos".

It makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, most people grab so many personal items that they end up at some FEMA or Red Cross evacuation site, begging for blankets and breakfast bars - desperate... hungry... stressed... and in danger's way!

But you shouldn't have to sacrifice your entire family's recorded history in a crisis, should you? That's why your family photo albums and video tapes are one of the 52 weird items you need to pack in your bug-out bag.

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Now I know what you're probably thinking -

     "How in the world would I ever fit my entire ancestral  
     history in a bag with clothes, food, ammo, and my other  
     survival gear?"

Don't worry – I’ve got ya covered… here's what to do...

Buy yourself a few high-capacity flash drive USB memory sticks at your local electronics store (or even the grocery store these days). These mini-storage cards are super tiny and hold a LOT of storage space on them.

Once you have them, either scan your photos and convert your home videos into digital video files and then copy them over onto your portable flash drives.

     (If that sounds too techy for you, there are cheap services  
     out there that do this for very little moolah - you just  
     drop off your box-o-photos and video tapes and they'll do  
     all the transferring for you!)

Keep these flash drives either in a safe water-proof container in your bug-out bag or in an easy-to-snag location at home. Somewhere you won't have to go looking for them. It needs to be grab-and-go ready.

If anything ever happens to your home (like it gets flooded), you won't have to worry about the box of photos you left on the basement floor and you'll have plenty of room in your "go-bag" to store more food and water supplies should you be forced to leave your home.

Stay safe,

P.S. - As you can see, there are lots of these "little things" that most people don't think about when planning their bug-out bag.

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Many of these items come from the author's military background of having to live out of a rucksack for days (or weeks) on end, so they've been personally tested under real conditions.

If you don't have a copy of this list, I highly recommend you grab it now - before a disaster happens.